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Streaming Media Solutions Experts

April 13th, 2009

A rather large FWIW…backstar is focused on large audience, often international webcasting. We have been working with digital media since forever collectively and webcasting LIVE events since 2002. Our independence of any marriage to platform, system or network enables us to use customized arrays of tools and systems for optimal content creation, editing, compression, webcasting and streaming media of all kinds.

Backstar webcasts can feature multiple remote presenters with synchronized slide controls, fully customized players and interfaces, polls, quizzes, games and promotions, syndicated web sites/content, VNRs, LIVE interactive Q & A and metrics beyond your imagination including live updated google maps of your audiences for live and on-demand applications.

We provide short-notice turnkey SD/HD production including cameras, sound, lighting and of course crew. Within the webcasting system, opportunities such as sponsorship and advertising are endless with unlimited options for size, movement and duration of content…with custom programming, clicking on an ad can spawn a targeted array of complementary ads or direct a user to an outside website following the event. Consider pre and post roll sponsored content including downloads of any documents.

Video can be pre-produced to simulate live and then delivered LIVE including a LIVE interactive Q&A chat with LIVE video responses by multiple presenters, households, anyone with a webcam and a decent internet connection invited with or without a password. CLEARLY, a professional production crew with serious gear, lighting and sound will come off better than a Logitech webcam and camera mic in an unlit office. The fact we can bring a remote presenter (including clients, subjects of a focus group, the deposed, etc.) into an event without any special technical requirements beyond a camera (which often include a decent mic that we can control) and a broadband internet connection is unique among large LIVE event webcasting tools. We can effectively direct a live event from a reliable web control panel switching between presenters as one would usually with expensive, complex video hardware.

If firewalls or an IT dept. stonewalls, we can ALWAYS install our encoders on the inside of a clients networks. Archives can be made in less than an hour following most events. You may use your existing merchant account for pay-per view/participate. We have enduring relationships with many of the Chicago hotels, phone/internet carriers, other production companies and certainly with our dozens (not hundreds) of highly-served corporate, government, organization and entertainment clients. Certainly on the audio/visual side of production, post, animation and especially sound, we partner with expert technicians and gifted artists, often both.

In 2007 our resident sound engineer and programmer Billy Dalessandro was #6 in the Time Out Chicago Magazine’s top 20 people to watch in 2007 (as an Electronic Music Producer for his label *Guess who was #16? A guy from Chi is all but why I am so very lucky to this day. The rest of the crew is equally amazing…it takes a village everywhere in life, especially when actively integrating emerging technology for a living ;)

In terms of producers, directors, technical directors, 2D/3D animators, engineers and all on/off camera talent, Backstar has a very rich pool of talent both on-staff and on-demand. Mitchell Norinsky, founder and streaming evangelist, is personally available to consult with and assist in conceiving creative with you. We have a unique perspective, as many of our contractors are also our clients. While we also produce content and production services for non-webcast events, our REAL focus is on producing and supplying enhanced platforms for content destined for internet or disc use. We do high-level authoring on BD and DVD including games, but the true value these days is spent on web-based media. Questions? Ping us here >

*In case you were curious on #16….it was our #44 President of The USA :)

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