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Hard Drive Permissions Fix « Behind the Scenes

Hard Drive Permissions Fix

September 25th, 2009

Yesterday one of our internal media drives got locked up so we no longer had read or write access even from the Admin account of our Mac Pro.

As a result, the easy Get Info permissions fix was not an option.

So, I dove into the Terminal to make some repairs. A simple chmod command didn’t work either, but here’s what did:

  • Open a new Terminal window
    Located in ./Applications/Utilities
  • Enter the following into the Terminal
    sudo chflags nouchg /Volumes/<drive name here>

    • If there are spaces in the name you will need to put double quotes around it like so:
      /Volumes/”<drive name here>”
  • Change permissions
    sudo chmod 775 /Volumes/<drive name here>

Hope that helps. Permissions problems can be a real pain.

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