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Avidemux Append Limit

November 6th, 2009

I ran into an invisible barrier with my favorite free video editing software, Avidemux: a limit on the number of clips you can draw from for a single project.

Avidemux will only accept segments from up to 100 clips.

If you are appending each clip manually, there may or may not be an error message (this is not how I encountered the limit, so I’m not sure). However, if you, like me, are using scripting to append a large number of files, there will be no error message; just a crash file. This crash file will show one app.load() entry and 99 app.append() entries, and the comments will state something like // 100 Videos, regardless of how many more your script attempted to append.

My workaround was an obvious one: if I have 300 videos to splice together, I create three or more smaller videos first and then splice those together.

For example…

  • Vid_A.avi = clips 1 – 100
  • Vid_B.avi = clips 101 – 200
  • Vid_C.avi = clips 201 – 300

…and then…

  • Vid_Final.avi = Vid_A.avi + Vid_B.avi + Vid_C.avi

Of course, this takes a little longer, but when automated from the command line with another script, it’s not so bad.

If anyone else has a different tactic for dealing with this limit, please leave it in the comments.

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